Evening Edition: The U.S. Wants A Red Sea Task Force Formed To Combat Cargo Ship Attacks

The United States is speaking with partner countries in efforts to form a ‘Red Sea Task’ force which would protect cargo vessels in the important waterway that links Europe to Asia. Between pirates and an increase in drone and missile attacks on ships by Houthi rebels in Yemen, there is a growing list of companies that have decided to halt shipping through the Red Sea because of the danger. The USS Carney has shot down dozens of Houthi drones and missiles while Iran warned the proposed task force will cause “extraordinary problems” in the region.

FOX’s Eben Brown speaks with Katherine Zimmerman, fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) following trends in the Middle East and Africa, who says this level of policing the Red Sea will be a difficult job while not expanding the existing conflicts in the region.

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