Chris Sununu, Governor of New Hampshire, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about his decision to endorse Nikki Haley over Chris Christie in the primary. Sununu said if everyone who qualifies to vote in the New Hampshire primary votes for Nikki Haley she doesn’t just win, she wins in a landslide. When asked about Donald Trump skipping the debates so far, Sununu says it has been a good strategy for him and he won’t have to debate until it becomes a one-on-one debate. Sununu says 70% of America does not want Biden vs Trump in 2024 and believes the first party to move on from their presumptive candidate will win. Sununu pushed back on the notion that Trump was unable to drain the swamp, build the wall and get his agenda done because he faced push back from republicans and democrats, especially Nancy Pelosi. Sununu says good leadership gets things done and never lets congress stop you from getting things done.