Former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon joins Fox Across America With guest host Paul Gleiser to share her thoughts on why the presidents of Harvard, MIT and UPenn all had a difficult time clearly stating during a congressional hearing last week whether calls for the genocide of Jews violates their school’s rules.

“Look, you’re seeing people who are part of the most elite universities in the country. These are supposed to be some of the best educated. These are supposed to be some of the cream of the crop, educators and students. And yet they are so manipulated by the destabilization coming from China, coming from these outside countries that are forcing these messages into our kids brains through these apps like TikTok. And I’m not kidding. I mean, for those of you who think that this is conspiracy, the smartest people in the country are stupid enough to believe in the brainwashing coming through TikTok. And yet you only have a few of our folks in government who are saying, why are we letting the Chinese control the minds of our young people? And when you bring it up, people go. I mean, come on. Really? Yes, really. This has this big of an impact. Even presidents of some of our top universities are stupid enough to fall for it.”

Listen to the podcast to hear what else she had to say to Paul!

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