Border BONANZA Continues as Dems Want More Money for Ukraine!

Military-aged male invaders from around the world are filing into our country and I’m sure they are all just here for the American dream and not to kill us because Joe said so!

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Democrats are once again advocating for more Ukraine funding and are ticked off that Republicans are demanding border security for our own nation!

If you take one look at the scene at our southern border you’ll notice it looks heavy on the adult males and light on the fragile women and children seeking asylum…

You’ll also notice many of these folks are nicely dressed and appear to have luggage one might buy from an Instagram influencer on Black Friday.

Migrants from around the world and as far away as China are crossing into our country under the guise of “asylum seekers.”

Well, many certainly don’t appear to be downtrodden refugees desperate for food, water and shelter- though they will get all 3 courtesy of your hard-earned tax dollars.

This is quite clearly a coordinated effort to invade our nation and it’s a well-funded effort. I don’t care what Joe, Kamala and Mayorkas try to convince you of, you don’t just stroll across the border from China, folks!

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