Ousted former speaker, Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), will retire after 17 years in the House and will leave at the end of 2023, before the end of his term. The former South Carolina Congressman and host of The Trey Gowdy Podcast and Sunday Night In America on the Fox News Channel joins the Rundown to discuss the retirement of friend and former Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. He explains why the ousting of former Speaker McCarthy demonstrated how political division in Washington has made governing impossible, the likelihood of more congressional retirements as a consequence of Capitol Hill dysfunction, and his faith that Kevin McCarthy will be “fabulously successful” after leaving Congress.

Thursday marks two months since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Hamas following the terrorist group’s brutal surprise attack. As the war continues to rage in Gaza, the focus has shifted to civilian casualties and a humanitarian crisis, with pro-Palestinian protests persisting across the country. Meanwhile, these demonstrations have included some hate speech, which has left American and Israeli Jews feeling threatened as they witness surging antisemitism. Tal Heinrich, spokesperson for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, joins the Rundown to discuss what went wrong leading up to October 7th, the horrible conditions the Israeli hostages are facing, and Israel’s commitment to destroy Hamas.

Plus, commentary from founder and president of the World War II Foundation, Tim Gray.