CA Stores FORCED to Create “Gender Neutral” Sections

California stores will soon be fined up to $500 if they fail to create “gender neutral” sections.

Only in California, my friends.

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Drugs, homelessness, and lawlessness flourish in Newsom’s California but instead of addressing those perhaps more pressing and consequential issues, Gavin has turned his attention to toy aisles.

In just a few weeks time, retailers in California could be fined up to $500 dollars if they fail to have a “gender neutral” section.

This applies to stores with 500 or more employees that have childcare items or toys. Advocates for the law say it is in line with “modern thinking” to erase gender lines for children.

Well, at least you’ll know where to find the junk tucking swimwear, I suppose.

But I want to put this in perspective for y’all. So with this law, retailers may be fined up to $500 bucks for not having a gender-neutral toy section BUT thanks to California’s felon coddling policies, you could actually STEAL up $450 MORE than that and it would still be considered a misdemeanor.

California has de facto legalized shoplifting but has criminalized separate toy aisles for boys and girls.

Gavin, out there saving the world one aisle at a time.

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