Should antisemitic speech be protected as free speech on college campuses in the U.S.? This is one of the questions the university presidents of Harvard, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania had to grapple with before the House Education and Workforce Committee yesterday. If Jewish students are afraid to go to class due to their peers’ behavior, where should the line be drawn? On the Rundown, Attorney Mark Ressler, whose firm has filed two lawsuits against major universities, New York University and University of Pennsylvania, over antisemitism on college campuses, discusses why his firm has taken action to address antisemitic speech on college campuses, how the university presidents testified before Congress, and his thoughts on why this seems to be happening more at Ivy League schools.

Despite the Biden administration’s continuous push for electric vehicles, the demand is steadily declining. The White House declared a goal to make two-thirds of all cars in the U.S. electric by 2030; however, reliable charging stations that these cars depend on are still few and far between. Wall Street Journal auto industry reporter Michael Colias joins to break down why the demand has dropped, explain why many people are hesitant to purchase an electric car and share why many fear the impact EV chargers have on the environment.

Plus, commentary from Will Cain.