NYC Grocers are Locked & Loaded!

Bodega and grocery store owners are arming up amid the lawlessness and felon free-for-all culture in New York City!

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Supermarket and bodega owners in New York City have had ENOUGH as violent crime and theft surges thanks to felon-coddling policies and Democrat politicians who refuse to take action.

These owners have been forced to take matters into their own hands. According to the United Bodegas of America and the Bodega and Small Business Group, hundreds of these grocers have applied for gun licenses and sought out resources to obtain permits to carry.

The National Supermarket Association estimates about a quarter of its 600 members are now armed and ready. Prior to the pandemic, only about 10% felt the need to pack heat.

This is a sad reality but a reality nonetheless.

Law enforcement has been defunded and demoralized, felons have been emboldened and unscathed and these decent small business owners have every right to exercise their second amendment rights!

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