Artificial intelligence is being utilized by more and more industries, with many seeing the convenient and revolutionary nature of the tool. However, some are calling out new uses of this new tech that are proving to be unethical. Last month, Sports Illustrated dealt with allegations that many of their recent articles were produced by AI, calling into question the publication’s credibility. Howard Kurtz, the host of Media Buzz and the Media Buzzmeter podcast, joins the Rundown to discuss what Sports Illustrated did wrong and shared why AI could be a powerful tool for journalists if used correctly.

The Supreme Court is currently deciding whether OxyContin-producer Purdue Pharma’s proposed $6 billion bankruptcy settlement is just. This money, which aims to address the opioid crisis and repay families who have been personally impacted by opioids, initially sounded like a good deal to many Americans, but the payments would be stretched out over 18 years — and would allow the family behind Purdue Pharma to walk away scot-free. On the Rundown, Bill Nelson, who lost his 20-year-old stepson Brian to an opioid overdose, explains why he’s against the deal and would rather the head of the company, Richard Sackler, be “locked up in a jail cell” than this settlement go through.

Plus, commentary by Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce.