Confirmed, Again: Masks Are Useless

Yet another study proves it, face diapers are essentially useless!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

I’m not a medical professional but anybody with a lick of common sense knew that strapping a decorative piece of cloth around thr nose and mouth for hours on end, while simultaneously pulling said mask up and down to speak, eat, and drink was not going to protect against COVID, especially as it pertains to children who have a VERY low risk level to begin with.

But now, yet another study, this time by the Archives of Disease in Childhood and as presented by the peer-reviewed and highly reputable British Medical Journal proves it.

There is no evidence to suggest that masking children worked to prevent them from getting or giving COVID. The face muzzles were and are just that, mouth diapers.

SCIENCE shows that beyond just the masks, almost every protocol tyrants used to infringe on our rights with SCIENCE as an excuse for the entirety of the COVID era, was either worthless or worse, purposely worthless.

And even though the whole COVID charade has been unraveling for the last 2 years plus, the ones who enforced the protocols including the mask mandates have yet to pay for it.

Never forget, never forgive!

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