Democratic strategist Kevin Walling joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to discuss why Bidenomics ever became a thing

JIMMY FAILLA: The clip I played that preceded you was about the fact that we’re not hearing the term by Bidenomics anymore. According to Washington Post Live anchor who was on Meet the Press yesterday that it’s become a little bit of a net negative on the campaign trail. Do you care to speak to this?
KEVIN WALLING: Well, listen, you know, I think it was a way to, you know, take something that was an attack, right? So they called it Bidenomics, the right was calling it Bidenomics for awhile and Biden with a, you know, great economic indicators with jobs, with wages now outpacing inflation. Wanna kind of take it back and own it and you know, we’ll see if it connects with the American people.
JIMMY FAILLA: I mean, I think it’s connecting so well that Gavin Newsom is now doing prime time events on our channel. I mean, isn’t that the tell?”

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