KT McFarland: Henry Kissinger Was “One of the Greatest Negotiators of All Time”

KT McFarland, former Trump Deputy National Security Advisor & Author of Revolution: Trump, Washington and “We The People”,  joined the Guy Benson Show and guest host Ross Kaminsky to talk about passing of former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger. McFarland and Kaminsky discuss the legacy of Kissinger, and McFarland shares some personal stories about the famed diplomat and policy maker. Listen to the full interview below.

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McFarland had this to say about the memory of Henry Kissinger:

“It was not just the foreign policy successes of the Vietnam War opening to China, arms control with the Soviet Union, Middle East shuttle diplomacy, Middle East peace firm, peace; but he also trained a generation of foreign policy experts… And he taught all of us, you know, when you’re negotiating. And he was considered one of the greatest negotiators of all time… he was a great man.”