Jennifer Sey: “It Became So Blatantly Obvious (the Democrats) Don’t Care (About Free Speech)”

Jennifer Sey, former Levi’s executive and author of Levi’s Unbuttoned: The Woke Mob Took My Job But Gave Me My Voice joined the Guy Benson Show with guest host Ross Kaminsky to discuss the latest articles released around COVID learning loss and the delayed response to the learning loss by the media. Kaminsky and Sey also discussed her background as a former Levi’s executive, and the pair discuss her subsequent resignation, rise to fame, and move out of California. Listen to the full interview below.

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Sey had this to say about being disillusioned by the ever-moving left:

“I was a lifelong Democrat. I loved San Francisco for that reason…I just believed that the Democratic Party… cared about the poor and cared about public schools and cared about freedom of speech. I thought they cared about that. And it just became so blatantly obvious that they did not care…”