Trump’s Shady B-day Gift to Joe!

Donald Trump releases a special report to celebrate Biden’s 81st birthday and it’s classic Trump!

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

Our President Joe Biden turned 81-years-old this week and he doesn’t look or sound a day over…105.

But just to rub it in, his main 2024 challenger and our former President, Donald Trump, put out a letter from his personal physician detailing his own incredible health and weight loss.

Trump’s personal physician claims he has performed several comprehensive examinations of our former president since he left office, the most recent one just two months ago.

But listen, I didn’t need a physician to tell me Trump is in better physical and mental shape than ole Joe. My eyes and ears confirm it.

Donald Trump is 77-years-old, not exactly a spring chicken, but Joe makes Trump look half his age by comparison.

Age is nothing but a number, but while Trump is aging like a fine wine, Joe is aging like a jug of milk.

All joking aside, it’s time for Joe to retire and let someone who knows who and where they are, take the reins!

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