(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

2024 GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie spoke to Brian Kilmeade about qualifying for the next GOP debate. Christie called out Ron DeSantis & Nikki Haley for not being hard enough on Donald Trump. Christie says they are not being candid with people and they’re not being with direct with people about whether or not they think Donald Trump is appropriate to be president. Christie is concerned Trump is going to be convicted of felonies, and if he is the nominee that means the Republican Party nominee will be a criminal that could lead to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris winning. Christie says Donald Trump’s problem is he is going to be fighting off all these criminal charges for the rest of his life. Christie added, “We can’t, as a party, put him before our country.”

Plus, Chris Christie on his recent trip to Israel, his thoughts on the deal Israel is making to get hostages back from Hamas, how he would have tried to negotiate something better and how in the end, getting the hostages back is the most humane thing to do for them and for their families.