Pandas back to the USA?

Will China allow pandas to return to the US?

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On the heels of his trip to China, California Governor Gavin Newsom cleaned up the disgusting city of San Francisco ahead of the Chinese Communist dictator’s visit.

It’s easy to see Gavin is trying to butter up the communists and it may be working…well not to improve human rights conditions, or better trade deals, or get them to back off in the South China Sea..but maybe they will let us have some pandas back for our zoos.

What a deal.

During his visit to California, President Xi signaled that China’s prized pandas may be allowed to return to the US.

He didn’t say when or how many but the San Diego Zoo in California may be the first beneficiary of so-called “panda diplomacy.”

Rewarding California and Governor Newsom, what a coincidence!

I see right through all of this and while I love pandas, this is all a front.

It’s also really concerning to see how warm, welcoming and submissive American leaders have been in dealing with Communist China.

Gavin Newsom is working hard to grease those wheels and it’s telling.

It’s almost as if he is going to run for president….

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