In the weeks since Hamas’ deadly terror attack against Israel, anti-Semitic hate crimes have seen a historic rise across college campuses. The Biden Administration has rolled out new initiatives to combat the increase in hate crimes, but is the administration taking the right steps toward curbing attacks against Jewish Americans? President and CEO of Hillel International Adam Lehman shares what he believes the administration needs to do to stamp out antisemitism on college campuses, how the attacks on Israel have brought the issue to the forefront, and highlights the work that his organization does on campuses across the United States.

During the third Republican presidential primary debate, candidates were asked about the United States’ naval capabilities, as well as their approaches to deter China from invading Taiwan. Former Navy Captain and Senior Research Fellow Naval Warfare and Advanced Technologies at the Heritage Foundation Brent Sadler explains the Navy’s plans for decommissioning ships and shares why the shrinking number of fleets signals to China that the country is not serious about defending Taiwan. Later, he discusses his takeaways from candidates’ positions on the matter at the last debate.