Congress averted a government shutdown this week, passing a continuing resolution. The unusual “laddered CR” bill, created by new House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), will fund some departments until January 19th while others will be funded until February 2nd. Meanwhile, the House Ethics Committee issued its report on GOP Representative George Santos (R-NY), accusing him of using campaign funds inappropriately. FOX News Congressional Correspondent Aishah Hasnie shares her reporting on the latest from the halls of Congress.

In his first visit to the United States in six years, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in San Francisco earlier this week. In their hours-long talks, President Joe Biden and President Xi reached several agreements regarding fentanyl trafficking, military communications, and artificial intelligence. Gordon Chang, Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute and a China expert weighs in on what the agreements mean for the U.S. and explains why maintaining communication with China won’t necessarily benefit the country’s military.