Mike Huckabee spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the need for Israel to continue to march forward to take out Hamas. Huckabee is disturbed by the dissent in the State Department with many supporting Hamas over Israel. Huckabee asks, “What causes them to think the massacre of innocent children and elderly people and the violent rapes of women is something that Israel should just stand back and agree to a ceasefire?” Huckabee finds it bizarre the lack of moral clarity and blind hatred toward Jews by some in the Democrat Party and it makes him wonder what has happened to our culture. Huckabee thinks this is not about politics of the left or right but civilization versus barbarians.

Huckabee also weighed in on why he does not see any of the 2024 GOP presidential candidates as a threat to Donald Trump for the nomination. Huckabee says there is not anyone who is able to unite all the non-Trump voters to an extent to defeat him nor does he see any of them surrendering their position saying they dislike Donald Trump so much they will throw their support behind another candidate.