After Israel suffered a surprise attack on October 7th by Hamas terrorists, their country had mere hours to mourn before entering a state of war. Despite Israel’s long history of fending off threats from nearby enemies, mandatory military service, and recent political polarization, the people of Israel appear united and resilient in the face of terror and war. Special guest host Dana Perino speaks with Dan Senor, former foreign policy advisor to President Bush and author of the new book, “The Genius of Israel.” Dan recounts where he was when he learned of the October 7th Hamas terror attacks and how his book unpacks how Israeli citizens unite and project resilience in the face of great adversity.

On Tuesday, Ohioans voted “yes” to amend abortion access into the state constitution, giving people in the state the right to make and carry out their own reproductive decisions. This decision marks a significant success for Democrats, who are seeking to add abortion-related measures to ballots in swing states heading into the 2024 election. FOX News Sunday anchor and host of the Living the Bream podcast, Shannon Bream, joins the Rundown to discuss how abortion will affect candidates in the 2024 presidential election and why Congress needs to act on Israel and Ukraine funding before the government runs out of money.

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