GOP Kiss of Death

If Republicans run on abortion bans and Trump, we will lose in 2024.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

The last 2 elections have made it crystal clear, abortion bans and Trump endorsements seem to be the new kiss of death for republican candidates and ballot initiatives.

I know that’s not fun to hear but it’s the reality.

If republicans don’t get abortion messaging right or refuse to move to the center on that issue, next November will be a red wedding, not a red wave.

And as much as the pro-life cause is a noble one, if republicans can’t win elections then we will fail to implement any restrictions on abortion.

And here’s another hard truth, as much as we might like Trump, independent and moderate voters are making it clear that the Trump endorsement is not necessarily a winning one.

It’s a time to be practical, realistic and consider winning for a change…

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