Bethany Mandel on Pro-Hamas Protests: “They Want to Bring the Intifada Here”

Bethany Mandel, co-author of the bestselling book Stolen Youth, the co-founder of the Substack RightBooks4Kids, and a homeschooling mother of six, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss Vivek Ramaswamy’s comments directed towards Nikki Haley and her daughter in the third GOP presidential debate. Benson and Mandel also talk about the spike in antisemitism across the United States and what it’s like raising kids as a Jewish mother in the current climate in the US. Listen to the full wide-ranging interview below.

Full Interview:

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Mandel had this to say about the antisemetic protests across the US:

“(Hamas) has provided ample evidence… this is Hamas propaganda. They provided it to us free of charge. They showed us exactly what they were and exactly who they are… they want to bring the intifada here.”