Election Day has arrived, and in many states, voters will be addressing ballot initiatives on abortion rights. In Ohio, voters will vote to decide whether or not to include women’s right to abortions in the state constitution. In Virginia, Governor Glenn Youngkin says, if reelected, he will pass a 15-week ban on abortion. Co-director of the Fox News Poll and professor at the University of Texas at Austin, Daron Shaw, joins the Rundown to discuss President Joe Biden’s recent polling, why the Mississippi governor’s race is an indicator of the President’s favorability amongst Black communities, and why these races may gauge the significance of abortion heading into the next election.

For years, national security experts and government officials warned how dangerous TikTok could be, especially when it comes to the spread of propaganda and misinformation. Now, amid the Israel-Hamas war, critics are once again calling for a TikTok ban, alleging that the app is pushing anti-Israel content to undercut Americans’ support for the U.S. ally. A former executive for the app Tinder noted that young Americans in high school and college are receiving a great deal of “wrong information” about the war from TikTok. Vice President at Cyabra, Rafi Mendelsohn, works on combating social media disinformation and bot networks. He joins the podcast to explain the disinformation campaign being waged against Israel and what people can do to avoid falling victim to bad information they find on social media.

Plus, commentary by Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce.