Tom Smith knew he wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement from a young age, so it made sense that he would go on to become an NYPD detective. Whether it was narcotics, robbery, or even homicide, Tom handled it all. Following the 9/11 terror attacks on New York City, Tom even joined the FBI/NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force. One day in 2008, Tom was given a life-changing case. A journalist had been taken hostage by an Al-Qaeda-affiliated group. The assignment at hand: bring him home.

Retired NYPD Detective and Co-Host of the Gold Shields podcast Tom Smith discusses his role in the heart-racing operation. He explains how he coordinated with various law enforcement agencies, as well as an infamous heroin dealer, in order to locate the hostages and ensure a safe return.

Tom Smith is also the President of TNR Investigations, an investigative organization that works to provide clients with top-tier strategies when handling security threats.

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