Howard Kurtz on a Ceasefire in Israel: “It’s Hard To Make Peace With An Enemy That Thinks You Don’t Have A Right To Exist”

Howard Kurtz, host of Fox News Channel’s “Mediabuzz” and host of the hit podcast “Media Buzzmeter”,  joined the Guy Benson Show today to talk about the latest on the media coverage of Israel. Kurtz talks about the changing sentiment towards Israel as more people in Gaza are killed, and he also talks about why Palestinian death tolls reported by the Gaza Ministry of Health shouldn’t be trusted. Kurtz and Guy talk about and condemn the growing antisemitism in the United States and why media criticism is more important now than ever. Listen to the full interview below.

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Kurtz had this to say on the growing calls for Israel to hold a ceasefire with Gaza:

“They don’t use euphemisms. ‘We want to wipe Israel off the map, off the face of the earth.’ And this Hamas official I mentioned earlier giving this television interview said that was asked point blank by the anchor, do you favor the annihilation of Israel? The answer was no hesitation. ‘Yes, of course’…. It’s hard to make peace with an enemy that thinks you don’t have a right to exist.”