Biden Administration Tackles Islamophobia?

Attacks on Jews in America are increasing but leave it to tone-deaf Joe and Kamala to develop a strategy to combat..ISLAMOPHOBIA!

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Amid a horrifying wave of anti-Semitism, the Biden White House has announced “the first ever national strategy to combat…ISLAMAPHOBIA!

Wait, what?

Yes, though 60% of hate crimes last year targeted Jews and only about 9% targeted Muslims, and despite the fact that Jewish Americans and Jewish college students have recently been the victims of targeted protests and hate speech, Joe and Kamala decided NOW is the time to address Islamophobia.

Hate against ANYONE is unacceptable but to gloss over the very real and ever increasing attacks against Jewish Americans is so tone-deaf it hurts.

Have these Biden Administration officials not cared to take a look at the pro-Hamas demonstrations flooding major cities around the US? It sure doesn’t appear that “Islamaphobia” is not the leading sentiment!

Take that and couple it with the anti-semitic comments made by Democrat Squad members and it’s no wonder the Left has been accused of having an anti-Semitism problem.

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