Rep. Kevin Kiley (R-CA-3) on Gov. Newsom’s COVID Policies: “Millions of California Kids Paid the Price”

Rep. Kevin Kiley, congressman from California and member of the House Judiciary Committee, joined the Guy Benson Show today to talk about Gavin Newsom’s awful lies on his terrible COVID record. Kiley and Guy also talk about Governor Newom’s trip to China, and how Newsom continues to directly support the CCP’s regime by showing solidarity and speaking praise.  Meanwhile on the home front, people continue to flee California for more conservative states. Rep. Kiley talks this and more on today’s Guy Benson Show. Listen to the full interview below.

Full Interview:

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Kiley had this to say on Newsom’s COVID record:

“All we were asking for was local control… and the governor refused to do that every step of the way… and you had millions of California kids who paid the price as a result… He issued an order saying schools cannot be open. That is not local control.”