Former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share her reaction to the recent spike in antisemitic incidents that have taken place on college campuses throughout the U.S. since Hamas’ attack against Israel on October 7th.

“I think about all these poor parents who have sent their kids there. And even though we’ve been telling people for years there’s this D.E.I. and all the CRT, that’s very messed up and it’s very it’s very dangerous stuff, I don’t think we even knew how dangerous it was, because I think everybody was like, listen, this is creating racism, but nobody could foresee that suddenly you would have an entire generation of kids that was actually threatening the lives of our Jewish students. I mean, I’ve heard for years people said antisemitism is a problem. And if you don’t openly see it, you can say, oh, how big of a deal is it? Now we see it and you can’t look away. You cannot ignore this, you cannot accept this. This is unacceptable. And people will say to me, but Tudor,  you say you believe in free speech. And I’m like, thank goodness. I get to know what these lunatics are thinking. I do. I’m thrilled about it. But it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have companies they will never hire you. It doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have their names out there next to the fact that they’re saying these things. It doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to wear masks and do it. People should know who they are. If you feel this way too strongly, if you want to threaten people, then put your name out there. Sign it.”

Tudor and Jimmy also discuss the growing threat coming from Iran. To hear what else she had to say, listen to the podcast!