We are at a crucial time in America. And the waning of a biblical worldview among younger generations has had catastrophic consequences. The pro-Palestinian support on college campuses, in communities and in the halls of Congress is part of it. Back in 1858 at the close of the Illinois Republican State Convention, then senate candidate Abraham Lincoln quoted the words of Jesus when he warned that “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” that America could not be made of half free and half slave states. It was a prophetic statement because in less than three years the American Civil War began. The clash nearly tore the republic apart. Not since before the Civil War has America been so deeply divided, so says Author and historian Os Guinness. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Guinness, the author and/or editor of more than thirty-five books, talks about one of his most recent writings on America’s political, philosophical and religious divide… called, “The Magna Carta of Humanity: Sinai’s Revolutionary Faith and The Future of Freedom. Guinness says there are two competing revolutions going on in the United States. One based on the ideals of the American Revolution of 1776, and the freedoms that come from Judeo-Christian faith handed down at Sinai. The other is based on the misguided ideals of the French Revolution of 1789; postmodernism, radical multi-culturalism, the sexual revolution, the cancel culture, critical race theory all stem from 1789 not 1776. Guinness says, “The distinct voice of the American Revolution largely comes from the Bible and the Book of Exodus and Deuteronomy.” He warned also that support of Hamas is support for the extinction of the Jewish people. Says Guinness, “Hitler in 1941, in November invited the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to Berlin, and together they swore to wipe out the Jews. And that radical link between Nazism and Islamism has been powerful ever since, and it was picked up by the Muslim Brotherhood. And of course, Hamas is the paramilitary wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.”