Over a week has passed since Hamas unleashed its deadly attacks on Israel, and many Americans are now worried the terrorism abroad could soon impact the U.S. as well. FBI Director Christopher Wray stated over the weekend that the United States must prepare for the possibility of foreign terrorist organizations calling on their supporters to conduct attacks on U.S. soil. However, former Special Assistant for National Security to President George W. Bush, Michael Allen, tells the Rundown that he isn’t “overly concerned” about the threat and explains Hamas’ goal to incite violence across the globe.
Republicans are still trying to elect a new speaker of the House, but the task is proving difficult. After internal discussions found that Congressman Steve Scalise did not have enough support to be elected speaker, new focus has been placed on gathering support to name Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio as the new speaker. Choosing a speaker in a timely fashion will become crucial because without a speaker, Congress cannot properly act on supporting Israel or domestic policy goals. Congressman Bob Good (R-VA) helped oust Speaker McCarthy as part of the House Freedom Caucus and he joins the podcast to explain his support for Rep. Jordan, his confidence they will solve the speaker issue, and the need to avoid another approaching government shutdown.
Plus, commentary by Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce.