Judge Allows Bio Man to Stay in Wyoming Sorority House

A beast of a biological man, Artemis Langford, scored a major pervert victory after a Wyoming District Court Judge ruled the women of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority cannot prevent Langford from living in their sorority house.

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A Wyoming district court judge dismissed the lawsuit put forth by several members of the University of Wyoming’s Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter that sought to keep a biological man from living in their sorority house.

This, despite their claims of Artemis- a 6’2″ giant- having a visible erection around the ladies, despite their claims that Artemis would sneak photos of them at slumber parties, despite the fact that “trans” Artemis is a heterosexual with a sexual interest in women and a Tinder profile seeking to match with women.

This isn’t just a miscarriage of justice, this is a perversion of women’s rights, the feminist movement, and the right of women to feel safe in spaces meant for them.

Why should the identity crisis of 1 biological male trump the safety, privacy and rights of these young women?

This isn’t a win for inclusion or equality, this is a win for perverts who will use this decision and this BS narrative to prey on women!

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