Pro-Palestine Groups Celebrate Attack on Israel

In the wake of Hamas’ deadly and unprovoked attack on Israel, radical pro-Palestinian groups are marching and celebrating.

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After the deadly and savage Hamas-led terror attack on Israel, radical Pro-Palestine groups around the world are marching, protesting and even celebrating the death of hundreds of Israelis.

It took only a matter of hours after the initial surprise attack on Israel for Pro-Palestine groups around the world to celebrate and take to the streets.

New York City was home to one of these horrific displays on Sunday after Pro-Palestine protesters took over Times Square. One of these people was even captured waving an image of a swastika.

Similar demonstrations also took place in London.

Celebrating the slaughter of innocent civilians by a terror organization? This is a shocking low and a horrific reality.

It’s not hard to be anti-terrorism. It’s not difficult to condemn the unprovoked slaughter of innocent civilians.

I fear this is just the beginning. Israel’s inevitable and justified retaliation will only breed more evil displays and demonstrations.

Pray for peace. Pray for basic decency.

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