Taylor Swift is Ruining Football

I’m not a football fan but I think I speak for football fans when I say, enough with the Taylor Swift saturation!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

It’s been the biggest story of the week and I’m not talking about the border invasion, or the Trump court appearance or Newsom appointing Senator Feinstein’s replacement…

I’m talking about the coverage of Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and her second appearance at one of his games.

The coverage of Taylor’s star-studded outing at MetLife stadium for the Jets/Chiefs game has been wall-to-wall and everywhere in between.

Even the NFL itself has been pushing it and likely ticking off some true football fans along the way.

Now the TV ratings for her second game attendance dropped 4 million- with a variety of other factors at play.


I am a Taylor Swift fan and I’m not a football fan but if I went to a Taylor Swift concert and saw constant football cut-ins I would be annoyed.

I can’t imagine how ticked off true football fans were on Sunday night with the constant coverage of her attendance!

It was cute for a week and now it’s just down right agitating!

Make football, football again!

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