Bill Maher ROASTS “Ruth Bader Biden”!

Liberal host Bill Maher BEGS Biden to drop out of the 2024 presidential race!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Hardly anyone wants Joe Biden to run in 2024, even the Liberals.

In his first episode of “Real Time” since the writers strike ended, Bill Maher implored Joe Biden to step aside and not run in 2024.

I can’t give Maher too much credit because he did say Joe has done a good job in term one, BUT I can applaud him for saying what many other high-profile Liberals also believe but are too afraid to say, “GO HOME JOE!”

Maher said it’s imperative Donald Trump is defeated for the sake of democracy, but declared in no uncertain terms that Joe can’t beat him.

In a hilarious comparison, Maher told Joe he doesn’t want to become “Ruth Bader Biden” and needs to know when to fold ’em and walk away.

Maher might be one of the only Liberals to say this all loudly and proudly, but make no mistake, Democrats far and wide are shaking in their boots trying to figure out how they can keep Joe in the basement long enough to get to mail-in ballot season!

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