Jennifer McKinley’s life began and ended with violence. At just 2 years old, young Jennifer was found alone in a Houston apartment alongside three bodies that had been shot to death, one of which was her mother. Years passed and the homicide case eventually went cold. Jennifer grew up and had a son of her own. But just like her mother, Jennifer was murdered in the same apartment as her own child. Jennifer’s live-in boyfriend, 44-year-old Erick Erminger strangled and killed her while her son was asleep in a nearby room.

Retired Homicide Detective with the Houston Police Department Fil Waters explains the coincidental murder of Jennifer McKinley and details his bizarre interrogation with Erminger. Later, Fil opens up about his faith and explains how it guided him throughout his career.

After working hundreds of cases during his 24 years as a detective with the Houston Police Department, Fil Waters now serves as the President and CEO of Kindred Spirits Investigations & Security. Fil is the star of the true-crime series The Interrogator, where he recounts some of his most famous cases.

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