DHS to Shield Nearly Half a Million Venezuelans from Deportation

The cat is out of the bag, Biden’s DHS will now shield nearly half a million illegal immigrants with temporary protected status.

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Biden’s regime has already welcomed millions of illegal immigrants into our once sovereign nation, but that’s only part of the equation.

In order for the Democrats to move closer to their inevitable goal of mass amnesty and voting rights, Biden’s DHS will grant temporary protected status and work permits to nearly half a million illegal immigrants from Venezuela.

This move will also shield them from deportation and give them enough time to drop a few anchor babies, ensuring they will likely never leave.

This extra and added incentive to illegally cross the border will also encourage more of the world’s people to spit in the face of immigration law and border security and make their way into Joe’s “sanctuary country” once known as the USA.

If you know a loving and tolerant Liberal who supports this, please do me a favor and ask them, “how many is too many?”

What is the cut off? 15 million? 20 million? 50? 100?

The honest answer is, however many votes are needed to keep this country in Democrat talons for the rest of eternity.

And sadly, your elected Republicans don’t seem to give a hoot.

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