House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his Republican allies have been working to prevent a government shutdown next weekend, but are facing pushback from members of the Freedom Caucus. The inter-party conflict has created paralysis in the House, and members will have a short window to prevent a shutdown when they return to Capitol Hill Tuesday. Meanwhile, in the Senate, there is controversy over the new relaxed dress code, and senators like Pennsylvania’s John Fetterman who are now opting out of their formalwear. FOX News Senior Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram has the scoop on shutdowns, spending bills, and sweatpants on the Senate floor.

With only a few months left until the 2023 Kentucky gubernatorial election, Democratic Incumbent Governor Andy Beshear and challenger Attorney General Daniel Cameron are gearing up their campaigns. Voters there will decide whether they want to keep the state blue…or flip it back to their traditional red. Political Science Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky Dr. Stephen Voss shares his insight as to whether he thinks Beshear, although well-liked, can survive in a deeply red state and whether Cameron campaigning on a very strict abortion policy will fly in the bluegrass state.