Eagle Pass Declares State of Emergency

Eagle Pass, Texas declared a state of emergency after THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants poured in over the last week.

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In case you’ve not been watching news or watching only the fake news media, let me fill you in.

We are being invaded. MILLIONS of illegal immigrants have already been ushered across our southern border since Joe took office and things aren’t slowing down.

In fact, the opposite. The border town of Eagle Pass, Texas has, ONCE AGAIN, been inundated with migrants to the point of an emergency declaration.

On Wednesday alone, some 4,000 illegal immigrants surged across the border. In the last week, border patrol sources say around 7,500 other migrants have turned themselves in.

That means nearly half the city’s population has streamed through in a WEEK.

Eagle Pass Mayor Salinas also notes that most of these migrants are adult males who refuse to listen to instructions and leave the facilities and shelters as they please.

This is chaos. This is a crisis. This needs to end.

We have no border.

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