Former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to weigh in on the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. Southern border, and discuss why leaders in Democratic-run cities like Chicago and New York are finally beginning to sound the alarm about illegal immigration.

“I just think it’s ironic that now you finally have places like New York and even Chicago, you know, talking about how they need help and they just have a sliver of what states are seeing every day. And once again, it’s not just the financial costs, but the Biden administration has allowed the cartels to seize operational control of the Southern border. And I’ve been thinking a lot about this. And if I were still involved in politics, I’m not, what I think the Republican presidential candidates need to do is they need to say when they’re president, they will have the Department of Justice prosecute any mayor or governor out there that’s declaring their state sanctuary cities or sanctuary states and encouraging people to break the law. I think that, you know, we’ve seen the Left weaponize criminal justice agencies. Well, I think you need to have a Republican president say that the future Department of Justice will go after mayors and governors for encouraging and facilitating illegal immigration.”

Plus, Mark gives his take on Hunter Biden’s legal team filing a lawsuit against the IRS. Listen to the podcast to hear what else he had to say!