This past week, President Biden traveled to India for the G20 Summit, as he continues his efforts to make inroads into the region and de-escalate tensions between China and Taiwan. While on the trip, multiple blunders from the President have renewed concerns over his mental faculties entering the arduous 2024 election cycle. FOX News Contributor and former Deputy Chief Of Staff for President George W. Bush weighs in on how the President’s missteps have caused establishment Democrats to shy away from the leader. Later Karl discusses how other nations may perceive the United States due to his gaffes and weighs in on the potential for a candidate to come out of the woodwork to primary President Biden.


Speaker Kevin McCarthy has not had it easy since claiming his title as House Speaker after a remarkable fifteen rounds of votes and negotiations. Plus, pleasing all parties in Congress has been a challenge regarding issues such as providing relief money for Ukraine, the investigation into President Biden and his son Hunter, and a possible impeachment inquiry all while trying to fund the government on a fast-approaching deadline. Former Utah Congressman and Chair of the Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz shares his perspective as someone who has seen two different Speakers of the House in the halls of Congress and shares what he thinks Speaker McCarthy can do to control all 435 members.