Former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to explain how the entire auto industry in her state is in jeopardy now that members of the United Auto Workers union are on strike.

“I think that you have a governor in the state of Michigan who has taken millions of dollars to run elections over the years from the hard working union workers. It’s come from their wages. They’ve paid to get her into office. She needs to be sitting down with these guys and explaining to them, look, you have to negotiate. This guy who is the leader of the union right now. I hate to tell him, but take a look at what happened to Yellow when you had the Teamsters who decided that they were going to strike and Yellow Trucking said, we don’t have the money. We’re going out of business. And I’m not saying that the big three are going to do that. But take a look at what they’ve been doing. They’ve been moving to nonunion states. And there’s a really good chance that that happens to Michigan. And Gretchen Whitmer would be directly responsible. And she has not said a word. She has not sat down with him. This is her state. Their headquarters are in her state. And she is sitting there and she’s making Tik Tok videos at the auto show. I mean, talk about tone deaf. Look at me in the brand new vehicle here. Oh, never mind the fact that the whole industry is about to go up in flames.”

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