Fox News contributor and News Editor for Katie Pavlich joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share her reaction to the White House claiming that there is no proof President Biden did anything wrong regarding any involvement in his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings.

“The evidence is there. I mean, why does someone use multiple pseudonyms and fake names to communicate with someone? Why is it that Hunter Biden and his uncle, Joe Biden’s brother, were using burner phone to come to the White House, to talk about the weather? I mean, it’s like so obvious that this is happening. And I was talking to a friend of mine who used to be a federal prosecutor for DOJ and now works in a private law firm doing white collar crimes, and she’s just like appalled by all of this. She’s like, this is like an open and shut case on corruption. Like, I could have prosecuted this case a million times over. And it’s just so obvious what’s going on. You don’t have to be a lawyer to understand that. And there’s emails going back and forth from Hunter Biden asking for keys for his dad for his office space, and yet they still pretend like they weren’t in business together. And this is what I’ve been saying for, you know, two years, that Joe Biden is Hunter Biden’s business partner, because it’s true. And ultimately I will be proven correct again.”

Plus, Katie and Jimmy discuss Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s hilarious electric vehicle road trip. Listen to the podcast to hear what else she had to say!