Couple Ticked off by Farting Airplane Dog

First it was explosive diarrhea that grounded an international flight and now, a farting canine has made its mark on the friendly skies.

Travel really has gotten precarious!

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A couple weeks ago a Delta airlines flight was grounded after a passenger had explosive diarrhea so bad it was labeled a biohazard.

And now this, a couple from New Zealand is demanding a refund after they were forced to sit next to a farting dog on a 13+ hour flight.

Apparently this dog was on his owner’s lap during the flight, serving as an emotional support animal to the nervous flier.

Well it would seem the dog was also a bit anxious given it reportedly passed gas for half the duration of the international flight.

The couple was reseated in economy seats and given a $74 gift voucher, a compensation they say is insufficient.

I’m sure it wasn’t fun to sit next to a farting dog but it had to be better than sitting next to a screaming baby and I’m pretty sure there’s no compensation for that.

So I say, get over it!

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