First, there were spy balloons flying over the United States. Now, Chinese citizens posing as tourists are spying on American military bases. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Defense have reportedly tracked over 100 incidents of this in recent years, raising red flags that Beijing is using non-traditional means to gather intelligence on U.S. soil. However, many spies walk away with trespassing charges rather than espionage. As threats continue to rise, Congress is looking to enact legislation on the issue, but the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC, says the allegations are ill-intentioned. Former CIA Chief of Station Dan Hoffman joins the Rundown to explain “the new Cold War” with China, why Xi Jinping is trying to control battlespace across the world, and the national security risks of American military intelligence falling into the wrong hands.

Police staffing shortages have become a very real problem, not just in America’s big cities but in small towns as well. In the middle of August, the entire police department in Goodhue, Minnesota, resigned, citing a lack of fair compensation and the burden of a scarce supply of new officers. Police departments across the nation have been grappling with a critical staffing shortage, as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data shows a consistent decline in law enforcement jobs starting in 2020. Whether it be Los Angeles, Austin, Philadelphia, or a small town in the Midwest, all communities are experiencing difficulty attracting police officers. But why is this? Goodhue, Minnesota’s Sheriff Marty Kelly joins to break down what led to the disbanding of his town’s police department, the critical obstacles stations face during police recruitment, and what needs to change to bring people back to the profession of law enforcement.

Plus, commentary by New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz.