To her peers, 12-year-old Breighanna Vigor appeared to seamlessly balance school, dance, and her social life. When elected class representative, she familiarized herself with her fellow classmates through social media by following them. One day, Breighanna accidentally connected with someone she thought to be a fellow student. However, that stranger soon revealed himself to be a predator and unleashed a 3-year-long nightmare for young Breighanna.

CEO and President of Stopping Traffick Breighanna Vigor shares the story of how she became a victim of online sexual exploitation and how she works as a survivor to prevent these threats from harming others as well. Later, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) outlines how she’s working to protect children and hold big tech companies accountable with her bipartisan legislation, the “Kids Online Safety Act.”

Stopping Traffick is an organization dedicated to highlighting the dangers of exploitation that our children face. Through advocation, awareness, and action, the nonprofit aims to educate families in order to prevent those most vulnerable from facing these threats.

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