School districts across the U.S. are debating what policies to adopt when handling students who request to change their name or gender identity at school. Should parents be informed if their children make a request of this nature, or should it stay between the teacher and student due to potential safety concerns at home? Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, who has long advocated for parents’ rights, has issued a new model policy that aims for schools to partner alongside parents, ensuring parents are in the know and able to make decisions concerning their children. The Governor joins the Rundown to discuss this plan in depth and how he’s continuing to prioritize bettering education in his state. Later, he explains how he’s working to give government money back to Virginians and why early voting could be crucial to securing a Republican victory come election season.

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, and the most recent storm is wreaking havoc across the Sunshine State. Wreckage, debris, and downed power lines now litter Florida as Hurricane Idalia made landfall Wednesday morning as a Category 3 storm. Nearly thirty counties were evacuated, and over 200,000 homes have lost power. Former FEMA Administrator Brock Long joins the Rundown to break down FEMA’s role during the disaster response, what kind of leadership is needed in the aftermath of the storm, and why putting aside politics during a natural disaster provides a better outcome for the affected residents.

Plus, commentary from the host of OutKick’s Tomi Lahren is Fearless, Tomi Lahren.