Climate Cult Comes for your Ceiling Fans!

The Big Green Cult is coming for your basic household fixtures again.

This time, your ceiling fans.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

First it was your vehicles, then your stoves, pizza ovens and light bulbs and now this.

Biden’s Department of Energy is looking at changing the energy conservation standards for ceiling fans to guessed it..climate change.

These tree-huggers tout that with these new requirements, Americans could save almost $17 whole dollars over the lifespan of the fan for standard ceiling fans!

Wow. What a savings!

But kinda important to note the conversion costs to meet the new standard is estimated at $107.2 million. The costs could cause as many as 30 percent of small ceiling fan manufacturers to go out of business. But the Big Green Cult doesn’t care!

Yet again, a waste of time and money and an empty virtue signal that makes Liberal climate cultists feel better while crushing the little guy under more regulation and red tape.

But that’s just Bidenomics, baby!

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