Mary Katharine Ham: The Media’s Bias in Blaming Tragedies on Conservatives is “Media Alchemy”

Mary Katharine Ham, Outkick Columnist, co-author of End of Discussion, joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the “vile and disgusting” media spin on the tragic Jacksonville Shooting. While Ron DeSantis is working to fight racism and appropriate proper funds, the media continues to clip him out of context to frame the shooting on him and conservative policies. The continued spin reveals true media bias and the lack of care the media shows towards political rhetoric.

Listen to the full interview below:

Mary Katharine had this to say about the media’s obvious bias in covering tragedies if the assailant is left-leaning:

“And the rules are that if it’s very obviously seeming like a left leaning motive for any terrible attack, then it’s sort of ignored or we move on very quickly. If it’s neutral or has some lefty elements, it’s alchemized into a right leaning attack just by taking whatever is necessary.”