Founder and Executive Director of Power The Future Daniel Turner joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to push back on the notion being promoted by some Left-wing media pundits that climate change is responsible for recent natural disasters such as Hurricane Idalia in Florida.

“It’s a lot easier to blame everything on climate change because there is no accountability. There is no after action. There is no doing the boring part of being the Governor of Hawaii or the Governor of California. But no one wants to do the boring things like upgrade the electric grid or upgrade the water system. You know, who runs for governor on those platforms? And, you know, you look at my home state of New York, what did Kathy Hochul run on? Did she run on any of the things that affect New Yorkers from safety to housing? No. She ran on equity and justice. And we’re going to make a brighter tomorrow because I believe in children. And now that she’s actually had a couple months to put her agenda in place, her polling is through the basement floor. And she’s at negative. She’s under 40 percent. New Yorkers are very frustrated with her performance. You know why? Because she’s incompetent. And we keep electing incompetent people to run big boy systems.”

Daniel also sheds light on how the entire movement to fight climate change amounts to excessive spending that isn’t accomplishing anything. To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!