On Wednesday night, eight Republican candidates made their case as to why they should be the next president. With the next debate just weeks away, what adjustments must the candidates make in order to gain traction and catch up to the GOP frontrunner former President Donald Trump? President of KAConsulting, former Senior Counselor to President Trump and FOX News Contributor Kellyanne Conway shares which moments from Wednesday’s debate stuck out to her the most and discusses what voters must do to keep their campaigns alive.


For the fifth consecutive year, the United States Department of Defense failed an audit. This comes as Congress is considering a topline defense spending total of nearly 900 billion dollars. President of Citizens Against Government Waste Thomas Schatz speculates as to where our defense spending is going, debates whether past Presidents have any stake in the blame for this issue, and reminds listeners that just because other agencies have passed audits does not mean their systems are economically sound.